The Art of Forgiving.

Ah forgiveness. So fickle and annoying. It's complex and wirey.  It attaches itself to layers of circumstances each one requiring you to work through it. An apology is secondary to forgiveness. True heartfelt, admittance of guilt, behavior changing apologies are rare. They will still require you to work through the offending action(s) and the offender to forgive themselves. So, any real, half-assed, blanket apology or lack thereof is just fluff. Your only task is to work through it and let go.  Forgiveness is an act done for yourself. A grudge is exhausting to hang onto and is good [...]

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What It Means To Love Yourself.

I love hearing the ways you all use your Buff Beads.  Some people wear them as a tribute to themselves and their self-worth, almost like a symbol of where their allegiance lies. One woman, who is still grieving the loss of her husband 10 years ago, tells me that she holds them in her hands and tells herself out loud "I am so strong!" She used this technique, as well as self-compassion, to quit smoking.  Another lady who had bought Buff Kids for her preteen daughter, told me that her daughter’s feelings had been hurt by a friend and she [...]

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The Origin Story

This is how it began: I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 1999 when I was 23. I did not take care of it and spent the next 12 years generally feeling annoyed by it. Shortly after my diagnosis in 2000 I was introduced to The Fellowship of the Ring. I had heard of The Lord of The Rings, but I knew very little of it.  I went with no expectation and left with a hole in my soul and wanting to know everything. I saw it six times in theaters and each night I came home and cried. It [...]

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Give Yourself a Love Buff

  Let's talk about Love. Love is my home base. It's where I gain my inspiration from and it's where I go back to when I need answers.  So, what do you love? Not who, but what? Think of things you love enough that when you think of it do you feel that squishy warm love feeling inside? For example; I have a beautiful pair of Louboutin ankle boots hanging on my vision board in front of me right now. Every time I sit and stare at them I get an internal squeal of joy that goes through my body [...]

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Beat Insomnia by Using Your Imagination

Your body does not know the difference between thoughts and reality. Your lying in bed awake again.  Imagining your busy day at work tomorrow.  You anticipate a confrontation with a fellow co-worker and you play the scenario out in your head.  What they may say.  How you will respond.  Making sure that you have every possible outcome covered.  As you imagine this fictionalized event your body reacts as if you're standing right in front of your co-worker and having the conversation.  Heart races, body tenses, stomach sinks all the typical anxiety/stress symptoms.   You wonder why you can't sleep and [...]

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