Mantra of Nature

I was lying on the overlook at our villa in the middle of the Maui jungle, just listening (as I had been instructed to do) and I heard what I thought sounded like someone meditating and humming a mantra. As I laid there taking in the soothing sounds, feeling the warms breeze on my skin and smelling the sweet air, the mantra moved closer. I realized that it wasn’t the sounds of a happy meditator, but that of a giant bumble bee.

It struck me curious of how joyful it sounded and I thought, of course it is! Look that the never ended abundance it has here in the Hawaiian jungle. What worries and concerns does it have in the moment? And what if all the sounds of nature were actually mantra’s of praise and gratitude?

So, as the passing of the sun turned the jungle into a noisy terrifying dark mass, I listened.  The chirping of the geckos (so many bugs to eat!), the buzzing of the swarms of termites (found the light in our room!),  the croak of the thousands of frogs all around us that just wanted to be our friend and then of course that one noise none of us could pinpoint what it really was.  All the work of nature and all embracing the moment and singing their mantra of praise and gratitude for all that they had.


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