Courage Buff Beads

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.”
― Mark Twain

Introducing Courage Buff Beads.

“I am courageous!” Is a powerful buff and is my most popular mantra.  It just takes one courageous action to start the ball rolling.  You will find that it feels good and it gets easier to do scary things. Courage opens the door to new experiences.  Courage brings hope.


Dance For You.

You are worthy of praise, so why don’t you feel like it or why does it never feel like enough?

Do you ever feel like you don’t get enough praise for your work? You can’t seem to feel secure in it. Like everyone is lying to you. So you keep looking for it, but every single person seems to just be telling you what you want to hear and you don’t believe them. Adoration and praise mean nothing and don’t last unless you feel it from within for yourself. Begin by releasing all forced actions. Don’t write, paint, sing, dance for me. Do it for you. Quit trying to be great and be great. You will notice that once you have created greatness from within, adoration and praise is not necessary, yet you will receive plenty.


Your Worth.

You are worthy of love and of all good things.

Why do I say this?

Because you are.  We all are.  Not one more than the other.  We are all the same in our worth.

So why do we then think one better than the other?  Because we are told that there is such a measure.  Being better implies that there is someone worse.

You could argue morally there are some that are worse than others, but doesn’t that just make us better than the actions the supposed worse person is doing?

What is worse and what is better is relative. One person doing worse things than your better may thrive while you feel undeserving. Your better thing may be someone’s worst yet they see you thrive.

What does it feel like to feel unworthy?

Like any pain in your life, any loss or any lack is because you have done something somewhere that you believe a higher power is judging you for. You see yourself as bad, tarnished, imperfect and flawed.  Any happiness you do receive or any desires you are delivered come with a price and are fleeting.  This makes receiving any blessing scary and you end it before it leaves you so that you’re not caught off guard and disappointed.

You do everything half-fast. Never putting too much effort into anything and always settling for less than your true desire. At times, even your lack of effort is an effort. So you give up.

Within the darkness of giving up there is always a spark of hope. Go to that. The spark is any beauty that you become aware of. A patch of blue sky on a dreary day, a scent of a rose or a beam of sunlight through dust in the air. Let any feeling of beauty and peace be your reminder that you are deserving of more. Let this awaken you.

It is the worthy that believe they are not. It’s only in your goodness and grace that you feel unworthy.

Forgiveness of self, and compassion brings a feeling of worthiness.

A lack of worth will raise emotion in you when worth is talked about. Just by hearing the words “you are worthy” may send a twinge of ache through your body. Question that.  Feel worthy of love, because you are.  Feel worthy of all good things.






Happy 1 Year Buff Beads!

Buff Beads are a year old! Thank you everyone who has been with me from the beginning!

A year ago today I was walking around China Town in Vancouver after having just visited Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Garden gift shop where I purchased a pair of prayer beads that were on sale. As the story goes, I was feeling anxiously awful. It was one of those times where it took every bit of concentration just to get to the next moment without losing it. I began to play with the beads as I continued to mentally defend my Self against my word. It soon became effortless and my anxiety began to lift. I called them my Buff Beads, because what I was doing was using my word to give me power. As we do in our video games. It worked so well and I had to tell others that I knew could benefit from this knowledge. I found a little bead store and without any knowledge of stringing beads I made a handful of beads that I gave to those that needed them. June 21st my Etsy shop opened. My first buyer coincidentally was the first person I had given Buff Beads to. My son Josh was my first buyer. I have the order still pinned to my vision board. The order came with a note from the buyer that simply says “I love you.”

In the last year I have given away and sold hundreds of Buff Beads to people all over the world. The styles have changed a few times, but the message has always been the same and always will be.

There is a healing powers in your words. By saying only loving and kind words to your Self you develop a friendship that will surpass all others. The love and respect I have for my Self now brings tears to my eyes. I cannot believe I had let it go for so long and allowed so much disrespect in my life.

In just a few weeks Buff Beads online store will go live and my message of the power of self-talk will become even louder! I am so excited to see where we are at in another year.

*NOTE: Buff Beads shown are my original Buff Beads and not for sale.

Anniversary Buff Beads are on Sale on AOP’s Etsy Shop.

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Pride Buff Beads

Introducing Pride Buff Beads on Advice Over Pie’s Etsy Shop

Buff Beads are based on the article Give Yourself a Love Buff.

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Hopelessness and distress cannot live while you remain aware of your Self and connected to your Soul. You are peace.