How to Feel Fulfilled

You're unhappy and feeling out of control of your life. Nothing ever seems to go your way and you are seeing the same negative patterns with your job, relationships, and health. Some days are better than others, but you fall into slumps and the feeling of hopelessness just washes over you. Every day is the same and besides little bursts of excitement, the drab of reality is just painful. Life feels insane and out of your control. Everything is an uphill battle. Why is this happening? Are we just meant to go through life in this comatose like daze? No. [...]

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Give Yourself a Love Buff

  Let's talk about Love. Love is my home base. It's where I gain my inspiration from and it's where I go back to when I need answers.  So, what do you love? Not who, but what? Think of things you love enough that when you think of it do you feel that squishy warm love feeling inside? For example; I have a beautiful pair of Louboutin ankle boots hanging on my vision board in front of me right now. Every time I sit and stare at them I get an internal squeal of joy that goes through my body [...]

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Beat Insomnia by Using Your Imagination

Your body does not know the difference between thoughts and reality. Your lying in bed awake again.  Imagining your busy day at work tomorrow.  You anticipate a confrontation with a fellow co-worker and you play the scenario out in your head.  What they may say.  How you will respond.  Making sure that you have every possible outcome covered.  As you imagine this fictionalized event your body reacts as if you're standing right in front of your co-worker and having the conversation.  Heart races, body tenses, stomach sinks all the typical anxiety/stress symptoms.   You wonder why you can't sleep and [...]

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Emotions Checking

How many times have you sent an email, text or made a phone call in a fury of emotion and then immediately start questioning yourself?  Did you say the right thing?  Did you get your point across? Were you too mean?   Negative emotions behind words are what causes us to ask these questions. If I'm confronted with an event that causes me a negative response and I immediately retaliate, the words that I email or say cannot be taken back. And most of the times after I've said or sent them no matter how rational they are I immediately [...]

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