Me, My Self and My Ego

Everyone needs a hero. I met mine early last year. She has this radiance that is calming. I can see the universal wisdom in her eyes where even my most major circumstances are mere blips in comparison. Yet, she looks at me with such compassion and understanding that I am comforted immediately. She oozes confidence and dances uninhibitedly when she feels joy. She is silly, graceful, protective and loyal.  I want to be her. She is me. She is my Soul. She is my Self.


When I’m with my tribe, ie husband, kids, sisters, brothers, bff, aunts, cousins…I am confident and fear almost nothing. Knowing that my tribe has my back should I run into trouble, gives me an air of confidence. I want that feeling always. To feel unconditionally loved and supported in a moments notice would revolutionize day to day life. By developing a relationship with my Self I have a built in tribe that I bring with me everywhere. She is the angel on my shoulder. I can feel her with me and I can see her smiling at me with warmth and love.

It takes practice to remember to turn to her, because the worldly pain is loud and my ego is even louder. My ego demands attention by sneaking in words to bring me down. She is the devil on my shoulder. Sulking in the corner and plotting ways to take me down. She thrives in conflict and will do all she can to slime her way into my head. During my happiest moments she is the loudest. Trying to convince me of my lack of worth and why I do not deserve such joy. I can feel my ego coming sometimes and can stop her in her tracks. I am stern and I say No!

“Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth.” (Gandalf)

She glares and slinker’s off. My Self and I give each other a knowing smirk and a mental high five.

Often the pain is loud and sudden and I can’t catch it. I fall into despair, worry and grief.  After some time I am reminded that I’m not alone.  I turn and there she is smiling at me compassionately, an invisible hand of comfort on my shoulder.  She simply says “You are doing really well.” And I cock my head to the left putting it to hers.

Being told you’re handling your stress well is sometimes all you need to hear.

Creating a mental image of my soul and my ego makes them tangible. It provides a source of the self-bullying and gives me something to stick up to. It allows me to have a visual representation of who I want to be as a person and a source of the self-love and self-compassion. Visualization is a gift and not often used to its full potential. More often than not, it’s because we feel silly. Who do we feel silly in front of? Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the ways of the ego. Stand steadfast with the knowledge and power you have knowing that you are not alone. There is power in you to change your life. Trust your Self and let go.

His SelfAfter my article Me, My Self and My Ego I received this picture from Caleb who took my message to heart and used his artistic skills to draw his Self. Something he had given up doing in high school. Working in a tense work environment and not feeling anyone has your back can make your work day seem excruciatingly long. Caleb is using this image of his Self to build strength and confidence to get him through his work day with peace and joy.

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1st Question


Leah is behind Dharma Comics! Such warmth and wisdom is behind all her strips. This a thought provoking and make you feel good.

In the about section she describes Dharma as:

“Dharma is a Sanskrit word,with a few translations. One translation is truth—but rather than an objective truth, it’s the truth inside each of us, our personal compass, guide, or sense of knowing. Dharma Comics aren’t usually funny in the traditional sense, but they’re often funny in the funny-because-they’re-true sense.” 



The world needs more Love.   Love is strongest energy force in the Universe.  When we love we change the course of situations.  We invent.  We create life.  We change lives. Finding something to love at a job you hate cause make your day better.  Loving your partners smile can remind you why you’re together and save relationships.   Bleeding and cramping and being so sick makes us just want to wallow. Wallowing in my misery feels good.  But, it’s detrimental to our healing.   Love how comfy your bed is.  Love your pain killers.  Love your doctor.   Be grateful that we have modern medicine, plumbing and people who care about us.  Gratitude is a part of love.  When you’re thankful for something you feel Love.  The Love feeling is what we’re going for.

We’ve forgotten to let ourselves Love things.   Don’t just say, “I Love salted mocha’s”  Feel how much you Love.  Feel it in your body.  Feel it in your gut.  How much you LOVE salted mocha’s.

Feel Love today.  The energy that you create by loving and feeling passionate can change your life and the lives of others.   Today the world needs this.  You need this.  Heal your body from within by letting your self really feel Love.

“The more love you give in your day-to-day life, the greater the magnetic power of love you have in the field around you, and everything you want will fall at your feet.”  Rhonda Byrne