Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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Being positive and thinking happy thoughts is challenging. Sometimes it feels easier to just say “Eff it!” and wallow in self pity. But, I have spent time on the negative side of life where everything was heavy and I thought the world was against me, and I have to tell ya, it’s better here on the lighter side where sometimes shit happens, but generally life is good. I see challenges and change as the universe moving and shifting me towards my goals and desires. I move with the flow and allow the current to guide me and trust in the goodness and love of the universe.

Well, not all the time. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the drama and I succumb to the worldly thoughts and fears. When I take a moment though to breath and meditate it all comes back to me. I realign with my higher self and I find my peace again. It’s all practice. Constant practice. But that’s what being human is about. Experiencing the world while staying connected to the source.

Wide Open


Hopelessness and distress cannot live while you remain aware of your Self and connected to your Soul. You are peace.


Hey Perfectionists Over Here!

Hey fellow creative perfectionists! How do you let go of perfection? No seriously I want to know. I’m going crazy here. How do I just let go and say “Hey that’s pretty effin good.” without spending  5 hours perfecting it and still not being satisfied? How do others throw caution to the wind and write how they really feel without freezing up and deleting it all? How do you let your authentic self shine through the written word without the ability to use facial expressions and voice tones to get your message across? (I’ve always said that if I can wing it on my resume I’ll win them over in the face to face interview.) How do you be brutally honest without sounding incredibly dramatic? I feel like I have this invisible tether being held by an invisible force that’s saying “Not too much truth, Jess.”  How do you find out what’s holding you back from true authenticity and release yourself from the chains of perfectionism?    (P.S.) I’m posting this without going through it with a fine tooth comb and I’m not happy with it. Please don’t judge me.


“When in our lives have we not distinguished what enough looks like? Without this, we are constantly disappointed in ourselves, constantly afraid and thoroughly overwhelmed.”
-Andrea Scher, Superhero Journal

You’re Allowed To Be Happy

In response to the controversy surrounding his daughter Miley, Billy Ray Cyrus said

“All I know for sure is I heard my daughter say today she’s the happiest she’s ever been in her life.”

Happiness is contagious.  Knowing that someone is truly happy brings me such peace. On the other side, knowing that someone is miserable and not doing anything about it makes me uncomfortable.

Never apologize for wanting to be happy. In fact, when you’re not happy voice it. Sometimes all it takes is an attitude change, but sometimes it’s a well thought out life makeover.  When our choice to be happy is questioned we become defensive and for some reason the fact that we aren’t happy isn’t valid enough, so we come up with some bullshit excuse for wanting a change.

Not being happy is enough of a reason to change your life and people should respect that. We all want to be happy and when someone admits to changing their life because they’re not, that is a cause for celebration whether we understand the reasons behind it or not.

Definition of Insanity

Someone once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” .

Chronic complaining is insane.

Venting feels good and can let off steam, but consistent venting about the same situation over and over is called complaining. Complaining is a waste of our energy and only creates in us more angst and negativity.

Realize that you have control over your life. Most of what you do everyday is by choice.

You go to the job you dislike, because you are choosing to be responsible. You could choose not to, but there would be consequences and that is your choice.

Awaken this morning with the new understanding that you are choosing to get out of bed. You have control. It’s all on you what you do with this new day.

So, rise up with this new found energy and give thanks for being given the choice. You are meant to be happy and fulfilled. You deserve it! Take control of the insanity and change what you don’t like.

Afraid of Being Afraid

I realized today that I am scared of this question. I am afraid of answering the question what am I afraid to do.

Don't be afraid

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Fear of failure cripples me and I have to work on it daily. Admitting to myself that it’s only fear that stands in the way of doing something that I would love to do is like a kick in the gut. There is no excuses, only fear. This is a work in progress, but I am now aware of this and will be confronting my fear when it arises and make myself do things that only fear blocks me from doing. Like this, I’m afraid of admitting to you that I’m afraid of admitting to myself that I am afraid. (I think.) Once I figure it out I’m going to ask myself this question “What can I do that I’m not afraid to fail at.

The Gift of Choice.


When we are bombarded with life’s problems, it’s easy to just sink into the sorrow and allow it to encompass us.  With a simple attitude change, that feeling of hopelessness that forces us to give up because “what’s the point in trying anymore” can be turned around and become that amazing freedom feeling of “going with the flow”.

We have the choice on how we are react and respond to circumstances that are out of our control.  Which things means that things really aren’t completely out of control.  And that is a comforting thought.