Buff Beads

What does it mean to Buff Yourself?

Buffing is a term used in video games to give yourself power. I use the term in real life as way to describe using your self-talk to do the same.

What are Buff Beads? 

Buff Beads are simply a reminder to be aware of our self-talk.

What does it mean to take control of my self-talk?

It means to use your words to silence that little voice inside that tells us how we should feel about ourselves. To talk kindly and gently to ourselves as we would a friend.


I created Buff Beads as a way to take control over my thoughts when my self talk becomes too much to handle. In video games terms, Buffing is a way one would give their character more power.   I use my Buff Beads as a reminder of the power of loving myself first and that my words and thoughts are the source of my power. By saying them silently to myself they can bring me peace, strength and balance.  Your words can be used to Buff Yourselves up before taking test, “I’ve studied hard.  I got this.”  To calm the jitters before a speech, presentation, interview, or audition, “I have nerves of steel. I am articulate. This is mine.”  During a confrontation Buff Yourself with stability and strength using your words.  The beads are simply a reminder to be aware of our self talk.  That we have the strength to weather any storm.    Buff Yourself!

Buff Beads are available on The Buff Beads Store.

Buff Beads are based on an article I wrote called  “Give Yourself a Love Buff.”

BuffYourself Collage

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